SURVEY RESULTS: Burgess conduct revealing survey to uncover womens bra habits

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As part of a campaign to promote the importance of wearing a well fitting bra Burgess Department store in Athlone conducted a revealing survey of women and asked them to open their underwear drawers and to be honest about their bra habits.

Over 570 ladies responded and here’s what they said.

63% of respondents claimed they knew their bra size, with a 37% not knowing or not sure.

However, 64% of all women who responded hadn’t had a professional bra fitting in 12 months or more, with 28% admitting that it had been so long they couldn’t remember when! 32% of women who responded hadn’t updated their bra drawer and bought a new bra in 12 months or more.

While 63% claimed to know their bra size, 40% of respondents admitted experiencing some kind of discomfort when wearing their bra with straps that slide being the commonest complaint of 52%. Just 13% reported no discomfort when wearing their bra. When it came to sports and exercise and wearing a sports bra, a whopping 43% of ladies claimed not to own or use a sports bra at all with just 14% saying they always wear a sports bra when exercising. The survey received 570 responses. Over 55% of respondents were between the ages of 35 to 55, 36% over 55 and 11% between the ages of 18 to 34.

Commenting on the survey results, resident bra fitting expert and lingerie consultant at Burgess Veronica Mc Donald said, “This was a really revealing exercise and which confirms that while many of us think we’re wearing the correct size bra, results reveal many of us aren’t. Lots of factors can cause a change in our bust size and shape – age, weight fluctuation, illness, pregnancy – so to ensure maximum comfort when wearing our bras at all times, a regular bra fitting every 6 months is a must to be sure.”

“We women have been told many times that what what we wear underneath our clothes is just as (if not more) important than the clothes themselves. Wearing the wrong bra can ruin an outfit and be extremely uncomfortable. Still, this survey confirms that many women continue to make bra mistakes every day. So there’s is a lot of work to be done educate women how to best look after our bras and breasts.” Burgess is known for making women look and feel more beautiful by styling them in properly fitted bras.

With more than 100 sizes ranging from AA to K cup, Burgess specialises in helping women feel more confident starting with what they wear under their clothing. When women are supported and lifted, they feel more confident because their clothes fit better, they are not self-conscious about bra issues like straps falling or back band rising and they may have improved posture.

“Women naturally feel more confident when they look their best – which they do when they wear properly fitted lingerie and that is why we specialise in the bra fitting experience. We want every woman to look and feel her very best every time she leaves our fitting rooms with a new bra.” So ladies maybe it’s time for us to throw away that bra we’ve been wearing for three years and slip into something a bit more… comfortable.

Burgess in Athlone offers a discreet and expert complimentary bra fitting service. and one of the widest range of bras and ladies shapewear in Ireland. A Bra Fitting Fortnight runs from April 13th to 29th with 10% off any bra purchase with bra fitting.