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Panama Bleach Folding Hat

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Woven in Ecuador.Classic Fino Bleached Panama Hat in a Folder Optimo style and Black Hat Band and Unisex semi-bow (single end).
Panama hats come in may qualities and colours. All are woven by hand in Ecuador, the process to weave the hat body can take from a day to a week to many weeks depending on the quality of the weave process. Their finish can either be a Natural straw colour of bleached white or dye coloured. Made from the plaited leaves of the Toquilla plant (Carludovica palmata). Commonly called a straw (Paja) hat, its popularity increased when President Theodore Roosevelt visited the Panama Canal during construction wearing this style of hat.
Brim width is Approx. 7cm Height Approx. 11cm with a sewn edge, and fabric sweatband.
In order to fold the hat, one can Turn down the brim and fold the hat into itself in half, along the centre crease, then roll as required, please note that folding a hat does deform it slightly, excessive folding can damage the straw especially if the straw becomes brittle & dry.
As straw and hand woven, each hat will be slightly different.
Style: Panama Bleach
Fabric: Straw
Panamas are natural material and will dry out and shrink if caught in the rain, Do not store hats in humid condition in enclosed bags for long periods, as humidity may lead to mould. A small packet of silica gel stored with the hat may assist, and if storing in paper, use acid-free issue paper